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Socially ackward college studen girl who really wants to make friends but its to shy to talk. Also really tries to do the art and wants to improve each day.


Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 12:42 PM


Skin by SimplySilent


We coming back, Dib human. by Abakura
We coming back, Dib human.
Invader zim is coming back in comics... ohh nooo... i must resist... stupid impulso of drawing fanart of this adorable booys.. i must... o crap failed.

Omg, i uploaded this sketch in tumblr soo many months ago  and i was so sure i was never going to finish it. I tought i was done with my invader zim fase but oh well we back arent we?
I have so many drawings of this to babys, and did more just wanting to have a finished piece of fanart. But dunno why, i really liked this lil drawing and i was like: o wth lets color it. And here it is!
Now that i finally had a finished fanart for Invader Zim, i think  i can now go on with my life.

God day gentleman.
(and please forgive all the mistakes, did this one in a kinda hurry)
Lost travelers. Full body. by Abakura
Lost travelers. Full body.
Full body versions of my ocs Kai, Mifu and Candrel.
I just cropped this ones and added a background for my this deviation 
Were da hell is the bathroom by Abakura
Were da hell is the bathroom
AND THE SCHOOL IS OVER! YEEII! I Drew this like a month ago but just got able to finish it yesterday (due finals and proyect and stuff, you know) But i finally finished this! 

My ocs Kai, Mifu and Candrel being lost in some country.
In their story they have to travel all the time so i wanted to draw them with diffrent clothes than usual (more travely clothes maybe)
Candrel misread the map now they dont know were to go. While Kai is alrdy irritated and search someone to ask directions, Mifu is just there, chilling, waiting for his buddies to figure something up.

Really want to improve my backgrounds. i Itried to draw some landscape or a city or just.. something.. but i never got it right. So intead i just did a lazy editing, used lots of effects and tried to work it out.

I have two months of doing nothing but resting at home so il try my best to get lots of stuff and art done before going back to school.

Have a nice day! *U*
Ekko, The Boy Who Shattered Time by Abakura
Ekko, The Boy Who Shattered Time
Sorry for almost a month without uploading  but you know, exams, final projects, etc. Been very busy, doing art for school but today i finally finished the semester (still have to finish projects for next week but mostly done).
Have so many wips that i need to finish (mostly my ocs) but man this new champ! This kid! He looks hella cool! So of course i had to do at least a lil headshot of him in kinda my style. Im so sure he could be friends with rumble. I dunno, they have lots in common and their personality is so alike.
Now im intriged what is the monster he was fighting in his video teaser if it wasnt urgot D:
There's never enough pink in our lives by Abakura
There's never enough pink in our lives
Working in just one layer is allways a challenge but also super fun. Wanted to draw my Oc Momo in maybe... 2 hrs and keep it simple but i kinda over did it. Took me longer than expected but much faster than my usual drawings.
Really wanted to practice my paiting and see my improvement and i think i totally nailed it xD Tried to do something like this almost a year a go and it looked so damm bad that i didnt even upload it. Glad to see im getting better at this <D
Kawaii Grin Face Emoji 
i did a process gif, you can check it right here if you want n-n

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